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Adriana Lizarraga

October 07, 2018
I am more than impressed by this place! I am so very thankful and grateful I came across this gem. Such lovely and genuine people. Great experience and process buying my car. Omar and Heather, we can’t thank you enough! It was such a pleasure and we appreciate everything. We wish you guys the best and are highly recommending y’all for vehicle purchasing and maintenance work! I couldn’t be happier, thank you again.

Ajaan Rob Hatfield, M.Ed.

November 07, 2017
My wife and I have experienced excellent buying and customer service with Chami Automotive. We highly recommend buying your next used car from them. We look forward to buying our next car from Chami Automotive!

Brad Morello

February 02, 2019
We were searching for a used car and found the one we wanted at Chami. I had never heard of this place and this was my first time to buy from a lot, so I was a little nervous about everything. When I got there, Omar and Adam were warm, professional, and had documented everything about the car. They gave me a great price and I drove away happy. Since they have a 30 day guarantee, I have seen them a couple of times since buying the car. They continue to bend over backwards to serve me and make sure I'm happy with my purchase. These guys are amazing and I cannot recommend them strongly enough. No risk buying here!!!

Brittany Burt

June 20, 2018
Omar at Chami Automotive was seriously incredible to work with. He went above and beyond to fix the side of my car (I ran into a pole and damaged a lot of the side) and didn't cheat me with the prices... and I know this because I was over quoted by $1000 everywhere else. Then, I pointed out my car was shaking when I drove over 60mph and he checked my brakes and they were on their last day... so he worked on that as well, again pricing it out so fairly. THEN after getting my car back, my tire went bad (he pointed this out to me but I just said I would bring it back after my trip) but he offered to check it for me just in case before I traveled to Dallas to make sure I would be safe. So he drove my car to a neighbor tire place and got it looked at and fixed... all very quickly so I could leave town. He dropped everything and had the tire place work on my car immediately so I could be on my way. I personally knew Omar before this experience through our Rodeo Committee but I will say I got a different side of him with this experience! He is unbelievably kind, genuine, passionate about what he does and truly cares about the people who walk through his door. I will forever and always refer him to everybody and I will be a customer of his for life. It's hard to trust any car dealerships/repair shops nowadays but I'm telling you right now... Chami Automotive is a complete different experience. The customer service is out of this world and on top of it all, they are honest. Highly recommend them and it's completely worth the drive if you live far. You will save money and 100% be satisfied.

Caroline Bertsch

May 21, 2019
Wonderful group! I take my car here for everything: oil changes, engine repairs, body work etc. I drive a Honda too, and they can work on it so if your car isn’t specifically listed on the website, they can probably still fix it, just call and ask. Very kind and they recommend practical solutions that are best for you and not needlessly expensive. Worth the drive to Sugarland from Houston!

Jean Carlos Flores

July 04, 2017
Excellent experience.. I would Definetly recommend this dealership to everybody!! Super Good customer service!!!! And most important good prices!

Jim Lewis

May 03, 2018
I had been searching for a car for my son for almost two months when I saw the model I was looking for at Chami for a great price. My wife and I went straight down to Sugarland to look at the car (we're up in Tomball). The car was clean as advertised and in really great shape, and we bought it right away. The day after we bought the car the dreaded check engine light came on. I flipped out and instantly felt like I had been duped. I called in to Chami to raise hell about it, but our salesman wasn't available. I then raced to have the car inspected by another mechanic. While at the auto-shop Omar called me back. During the call Omar address all of my conces and offered to do whatever it took to make my experience right (didn't expect that from someone selling used cars). I was blown away by how calm and professional Omar handled the situation, first class. In the end, it just tued out to be a bad gas cap, after I replaced it, the car has been running great. I really didn't need Chami to do anything, but their willingness to do so, was comforting and refreshing. Buy from Chami with confidence; you will be treated well, and honestly.

Justin Henley

November 14, 2017
Excellent service. I had bought a 2003 Nissan 350z here and a couple days later my check engine light came on. Found out a knock sensor was bad. I asked Omar about it and he fixed it free of charge, all I did was buy the part.

Kimberly Chambless

February 22, 2018
Bought my car from Chami Automotive last week. So far go good. I'm very satisfied. Omar and Adam were down to earth and friendly. Very professional and respectful. I highly recommend using them weather buying a car or needing to scrap one. Inside is super clean and inviting.


July 18, 2018
Where Can I Start This Review? Everything These Guys Do Is Aimed Towards Doing The RIGHT Thing! I Had Recently Purchased A 1998 Ford Mustang GT From These Guys, The Car Was In Ok Condition, And I Understood And Knew That It Needed Work Before Purchasing. I Was Told That The Car Was In Restoring Condition Since The Previous Owner Bought It After It Was In A Small Wreck So He Could Fix It Up, But That The Car Still Had A Clean Blue Title. So I Still Bought The Car, Because It Was Nice And Had A Clean Title Even After What It Happened To It. A Month Passed By And I Still Didn't Receive My Plates In The Mail, Since I Live 2 Hours Away From The Dealer I Asked Them To Mail Them To Me, Shortly After I Noticed There Was Nothing In The Mail After A Month I Decided To Give Them A Call And Ask Them About My Plates And What Was Going On With Them? They Said They Had Tried To Reach Me Over The Phone But That I Didn't Answer (Reason Why I Had Changed My Phone Number) And It Tus Out That The Vehicle Could Not Be Registered Correctly Because It Had A Salvage Title! And At That Same Moment He Said That, I Thought He Was Going To Try And Tell Me That Either Way, I Signed The Paper Work, Saying That It Was A "As Is" Vehicle And Make Me Keep It For Good! But NO! These 2 Brothers Went Far And Beyond Their Way To Make Sure I Would NOT Be Stuck With A Vehicle That Was Sold To Me With Some Misinformation That Was Given To Them, And Passed On To Me! And I Could Totally Understand Because Nobody Is Perfect And Mistakes Can Be Made. They Told Me I Would Get My Full Refund If All I Did Was Bring The Car Back! And So I Did, The Gentleman Apologized For The Inconvince And Gave Me My Money Back, And I Was On My Way Home! And My Whole Point Of This Review, Is That These Two Fine Gentlemen Are By Far The Most HONEST And Customer Service Oriented People I Have Ever Met In My Life! After Dealing With So Many Car Dealers, These Guys Are By Far The Best!! They Might Have Lost A Sale Today, But They Gained My Respect, Trust, A Future Customer! They Deserved This Review! NEVER Change Guys! There Is Rarely Any Good And Honest Car Dealers In This World! God Will Bless You!

Shawn Chang

March 16, 2019
Good and honest people, they worked with me throughout the entire process. I'd recommend them 100% to anyone looking for a used car.

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Candle Garza

April 08, 2017
Excellent service. They really care for their clients Very honest, that is very rare in automotive industry. Highly recommend

Rene Salinas-Schmidt

April 15, 2017
I am EXTREMELY please with Omar and Chami Automotive Inc. I had a regular "go to guy" but like with any medical advice, I sought a second opinion. Omar thinks like a scientist and therefore his diagnostic skills are king. When I dropped my BMW 325ci off, I gave him a quick summary of what was happening, what I was told, my thoughts, and he listened and took all the information in. He had follow up questions and went to work. Many places just want to throw parts at the problem and hope it goes away. Not Omar, he has a laser precision technique and found the culprit. His communication is clear and concise. Pricing is extremely affordable and I even paid a little more, just because of how thorough he is. We will be bring all our vehicles to him for service. Thank you Omar! You have customer for life!

Vincent Nguyen

July 31, 2017
Excellent service, friendly, no nonsense, most importantly something I don't honestly see so much anymore a CLEAN FACILITY. I usually take care of my cars myself, and I'm no beginner when it comes to cars but I needed a second opinion on an undiagnosed problem I had with my BMW, Omar was very helpful and knowledgeable he took my car in to run a check and came out showing me exactly what was wrong, none of the "extra" stuff some mechanics try to throw in on top and even let me know he'd work with me on finding the best price for the part I needed when the time came for me to have the work done. Will definitely be back when in need of a service.